Benefits of VEDIC MATHS

  • Vedic Mathematics is more than 10-15 times or over 1500% times faster than the normal mathematics.
  • The Vedic Maths methods becomes very useful for competitive exam aspirants who appear for examinations like SAT, GMAT, CAT, Banking, Engineering etc.
  • It reduces the burden of remembering large amount of stuff because it requires you to learn tables upto 9 only.
  • It enables faster calculations when compared to the conventional method. Thus, the time that gets saved in the process can be used to answer more questions.
  • It acts as a tool for reducing finger counting and scratch work.
  • It plays an important role in increasing concentration, Visualization as well as improving confidence.
  • It is very simple, direct, totally unconventional, original and straight forward.
  • It encourages mental calculations.
  • It enables us to see links and continuity between different branches of maths.
  • Vedic Maths system also gives us a set of checking procedures for independent cross-checking of whatever we do.
  • It keeps the mind alert and because of the element of choice and flexibility.
  • Holistic development of the human brain takes place through Vedic Maths along with multi-dimensional thinking.
  • More and more use of Vedic maths can, without any doubt, generate interest in a subject that is generally dreaded by children.

Vedic Maths 

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square, Square Root, Cube, Cube Root, HCF, LCM, Factor, Percentage, Logic, Reasoning etc…

  • Age  : 12 to 18 Years
  • 32 Hours course ( 16 Sessions 2 Hours each )
  • AC Classroom with Multimedia and projector
  • Expert Faculty
  • 1000 + Students benefited till now
  • Result Guaranteed

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