Naushad Awadia

Naushad Awadia


Naushad Awadia has availed his post graduate certificate in basic skills for “Career Counseling” from renowned Martine Luther Christian University, Shillong. He owns a graduate degree in Psychology from the Gujarat University. He is the member of the IACLP .

He has successfully completed intensive training in the theories of career psychology and skills for career guidance through workshops, assignments and practical field work exercises under the guidance of Dr.GidionArulmani, Founder of the Promise Foundation. He is practicing licensed counselor of the Jiva Method of Counseling.

He is closely working for the development of 21st Century skills in the youth through designing/organizing various programs, workshops and activities. He is associated with AKDN’S Youth & Sports board as the chairman of the region for more than 15 years that is closely working for skill-based holistic development of Youth of the community.

As a Career counsellor, he has touched the lives of 3000 + rural and urban youth and guided them to choose the right career matching with their aptitude, skills and interests. He has also facilitated youth and their families to find their own ways to cope or to resolve problems and challenges by counselling.

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