According To Dr. Howard Gardner Man Has At Least Nine Intelligences.
We Are Able To Discover Our Congenital Intelligence, Character Traits And Unknown Potential Through Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test.

The ability to reason and calculate Enables individuals to use and appreciate abstract relations The ability to manipulate numbers, quantities, operations, etc. Many scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors and economists function in this level of intelligences.

Possible Career Interests :

Scientist, Mathematician, Tax Officer, Accountant, Statistician, Scientist Judge, Actuary, Software, Engineer, Economist


The ability to read, write, and communicate with words The ability to use language to express one’s thoughts and to understand other people orally or in writing They tend to learn best by reading, taking notes, listening to lectures, and discussion and debate.

Possible Career Interests :

Writers, Lawyers, Journalists, Speakers, Trainers, Copy-writers, Teachers, Poets, Editors, Translators, PR consultants, Media consultants, TV and radio presenters Voice-over artistes, Novelist


The ability to distinguish among an individual’s own feelings, to accurate mental models of themselves, and use them to make decisions about life. They are also intuitive and capable of deep contemplations.

Possible Career Interests :

Psychologist, Pastor, Psychology, Professor, Therapist, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Novelist


Highly empathic and aware of other people’s motives, feelings and emotions. People with high interpersonal intelligence usually have a wide social network, inclined to participate in group activities and tend to hold key leadership positions. Enables individuals to recognize and make distinctions among others’ feelings and intentions The ability to work effectively with others and display empathy

Possible Career Interests :

Educator, Coach, Mentor, Principal, Manager, Nurse, Social workers, Politician, Diplomat, Counselor, PR executive, HR Professionals, Sales-Professionals, Event Organizer, Customer Service Manager


Fond of outdoor adventures and physical activities. People with high kinesthetic intelligence are dexterous, capable of excellent control of their body parts and skilled crafters. Allows individuals to use all or part of one’s body to create products, solve problems, or present ideas and emotions. Using the body in highly differentiated ways for expressive, recreational, or goal directed purposes People who have this intelligence usually enjoy acting or performing, and in general they are good at building and making things.

Possible Career Interests :

Actors, Martial Arts Performer, Yoga Instructor, Dancer, Athlete, Sculptor, Nursing Staff, Chefs, Chinese Physician, Acupuncturists, Mechanic - Technician, Demonstrators, Divers, Sports person, Soldiers, Fire-fighters, Performance Artists, Osteopaths, Crafts-person, Adventurers


People with high visio-spatial intelligence are proficient map readers, like to draw, play with puzzles and labyrinths. They have good perception of space, lines, shapes and colors. Besides they have excellent sense of direction. The ability to think in pictures and visualize future results, the ability to imagine things in your mind's eye

Possible Career Interests :

Tour Guide, Interior Designer, Urban Planning, Pilot, Captain, Architect, Photographer, Painter, Animator, Web Designer, Cartoonist, Illustrator


Musical intelligence is the ability to make use of the relationship between pitch, rhythm, and timbre The ability to create, communicate, and understand meanings made out of sound, the ability to compose music, to sing, and to keep rhythm & the ability to hear music, tones, and larger musical patterns. Since there is a strong auditory component to this intelligence, they learn best via lecture. They will often use songs or rhythms to learn and memorize information, and may work best with music playing in the background. They like the sounds of the human voice, environmental sounds, and instrumental sounds.

Possible Career Interests :

Symphony orchestra conductor, Musicians, Singers, Composers, DJ's Music Producers, Piano Tuners, Music Therapist, Acoustic Engineers, Entertainers, Party-planners, Environment & Musical instrument dealer, Hi-Fi dealer


Ability to observe and develop keen interests on the ecosystem. Allows one to distinguish among, classify, and use features of the environment The ability to discriminate among living things and to see patterns in the natural world

Possible Career Interests :

Veterinary, Animal Scholar, Archaeologist, Plants Scholar, Chef, Courtyard Designer, Weather Researcher, Documentary Producer, Environment Researcher, Animal protection activist


The capacity to ask profound questions about the meaning of Life & Death Enjoy open ended questions, spiritual awareness having the sense of being player in a larger drama, of once's true place in the world

Possible Career Interests :

Scientist, philosopher, Religious Leaders, Meditation Guide