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What are the benefits & advantages of learning English?


● Learning English can really help you in your career and enhance your CV.

● Research suggests that on average, people who use languages in
their jobs earn around 8% more.

● Over 1/3 of businesses want people specifically for their language skills.

● The international business community often uses English to
communicate, and often requires employees to speak multiple languages.


● English is important in India because most of the higher education books are printed in English.

● If you want to study at university in countries like the US and the UK, you
need to be proficient in English.

●The number of people learning English is expected to reach around 2 billion
people over the next decade.

● There are several exams for international students that measure English
ability and are globally recognized.


● Learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement
and fulfillment.

● Some of the world’s best music, films, and TV shows are in English.
Understanding the language will give you a better appreciation of these
cultural highlights.

● Speaking English will help you meet all kinds of people and make
great friends.

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