We offer career counseling through a four step process:

  • Understanding Self
  • Understanding the World of Work
  • Understanding career alternatives
  • Career preparation

Understanding Myself helps the career chooser identify personal talents and aptitudes through:

  • Psychological games

  • Group activities

  • Standardized aptitude tests

  • Interest inventories

Understanding the World of Work introduces participants to:

  • A wide range of careers

  • Courses and institutions

  • Entrance procedures

  • Eligibility criteria

Understanding the career alternatives open up the world of career alternatives:

  • Learning to generate career alternatives

  • Developing best suited career plans

Career Preparation enables mapping of the career path

  • Aptitude Test
  • Interest and Strength Profiling
  • Understand Life Purpose Stages
  • Understand Science of Subjects and Careers
  • Understand Educational Milestones
  • Draw Career Discovery Path and Career Plan
  • Career Report

Career Report

A detailed Careers Report that provides information about the client’s profile, career alternatives and useful addresses for further education is prepared.
After a week from the date of the workshop, a Parent Personal session is held. This is a one hour session with each parent individually. At this time the career report will be explained and handed over to the parent.

Making an Informed Choice To Choose a Career

The students are under a lot of pressure – pressure to perform academically, pressure to be popular, pressure to ultimately, make a good life. The one thread that touches upon all these is the choice of one’s career. The decision to choose a career is often leaded under parental or societal pressure. In today’s meritocratic world, it has become important to make an informed choice of career.

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